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Celebrating our 25th year!

Mid 1993, before Google and Facebook, brothers Lee and Joe Mouhot were on the streets of Sarasota passing flyers out door to door for their new business, Crystal Clear Window Washing.  Headquarters for Crystal Clear was an extra room at Joe's house where they managed what little business they had.  With diligent work, great customer service and a dream, Crystal Clear was built. Over the next few years, while balancing work and family, the business grew to the point of hiring employees and expanding its services.  Today, the family owned business keeps thousands of homes and businesses clean while maintaining the values of hard work and a deep appreciation of its customers.   The Crystal Clear family would be honored to have your family as a customer.

The Brothers

Lee Mouhot | Owner | Crystal Clear

Lee Mouhot

Lee, the elder brother, manages the office operations, advertising, finances, and is usually the one inspecting your home or business for estimations.  Lee is married with two daughters, and enjoys boating and golfing.

Joe Mouhot | Owner | Crystal Clear

Joe Mouhot

Joe is an outdoorsman.  He would rather be in the field cleaning windows and supervising the labor.  He manages employees and coordinates with Lee when issues arise.  Joe is married with one daughter.  He enjoys sports, fishing, and reading. 

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